4 comments on “A Weekend At The Patch

    • Hi guys,

      No worries, I really enjoy reading it. Cheers, I’m going to be down for a week or so in mid July so will get in contact with JDP; still yet to meet him and would be great to be shown some of the very local sites. If any of you guys are up for birding whenever I’m down I’d be glad to join you.



      • Hi Joseph, myself and Johny will most likely be around as were both based in the city. We’ll be hunting waders in the yare in July so let us know when your down and you’d be more than welcome to join us.


  1. Hi Daniel,

    That sounds fantastic, will get in contact closer to the time about meeting up with you guys next month. A PM will be incoming on Birdforum at some point in the nearish future. Have birded with Kieran and Oli on a number of occasions but it would be really good to meet you guys and get myself acquainted with the majority of the onlyfoolsandbirders crew 🙂 .



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