4 comments on “Overgrown Patch (July Patching, Part 1)

  1. Thanks James, particularly for the damselfly ID. I’m a complete novice with regards to damselflies, dragonflys, moths etc so its much appreciated. Its lovely to have all three owls on the patch; hopefully Little Owl will still be about when I’m down again in a couple of weeks.

  2. Hi Joseph

    Loved reading your updates on your Costessey patch, and I’m impressed you saw a pair of barn owls, one more than I’ve come across here. The YLG was a great find (and your report very instructive on ID) but I really think the best bird you’ve seen is the nuthatch; in my experience they’re a Norfolk rarity, much more notable here than say bitterns, barnies or bearded tits. Norfolk is wonderful, but short on woods (especially for someone from Surrey) and consequently woodland species – I’ve yet to see a lesser spotted woodie in the County (but then again I am a rubbish birder!) Keep up the great reports!

  3. Hi John,

    Nice to hear from you again. I am glad you’ve enjoyed my reports recently and that you found the YLG report instructive. It’s interesting you mention the status of Nuthatch in Norfolk. I can see where you’re coming from; I’ve heard they’re tricky in parts of East Norfolk and I’m yet to have seen them on the north coast. I have had them at different sites around Thetford Forest though, so maybe the Norfolk population has its stronghold there. There was one at the patch again when I was down this weekend; always nice to see.

    I’m yet to see Lesser Pecker in the county too (and full stop!). They are a rare breeding species in Norfolk and nationwide of course, so I guess the reason neither of us have seen them is due to that rather than ability 🙂 .

    Best wishes


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