4 comments on “Addictive Birthday Patching

  1. Greensands over Drayton – respect! Great sighting.
    Glad to hear of the hobbies – I’ve only ever managed singletons here, but they are great birds.
    Enjoy Aberdeen!

  2. Cheers John; the Green Sands certainly had me excited. It seems that quite a few passage waders use the patch en route to elsewhere, what with the Greenshanks in May. Makes me hopeful that there’ll be a few other interesting waders passing through in the future.

    Hobby is right up there amongst my favourite birds, so it was particularly great to see them. Glad to hear you’ve had them there before; the habitat is great for them so I’m sure they won’t be the last.


  3. Hi Joseph

    I’m assuming you may be down at Costessey over Christmas? Just thought I should tell you that this morning (Sat Dec 8th) I watched a fantastic otter fishing (and briefly coming onto the bankside) at the ‘hidden’ pool by Drayton meadows – not so hidden now the leaves have fallen. Watched the otter for 10 minutes (11.20 – 11.30am) as it fished the pool, snorting and making soft splashes as it dived repeatedly. It moved all around the pool and came up 6 feet from me, but was spooked immediately, dived and, despite watching intently for its reappearance I didn’t see it again. Fantastic creature, the first I’ve seen on or around the Wensum.

    I’d thought there may be a chance of something good on the pool as the river is still largely flooded, though the waters in the meadows have receded a bit. A few swans, greylags and mallards are about, and I was pleased to see a dabchick also. The stretch of road from Costesey Mill to Drayton is gloriously quiet at present, wonderfully so, ever since a lorry drove into the Costessey Mill bridge – it’s completely closed off at present, and i’m hoping will remain so over Christmas, though it’s likely the Council will repair it soon.

    Best wishes

    • Hi John,

      Nice to hear from you. Very well done on the Otter, especially for seeing it in the Hidden Pool! Thanks for the very evocative description as well, I can only imagine how fantastic that was. I’ve not really had anything on that pool as of yet apart from a couple of Mallard, so its invigorating to hear that you’ve struck gold there.

      My mum has informed me about the flooding down there in recent weeks and the road closures. The bend by the bridge is so steep, I’m not surprised that the accident happened there… The flooding makes me really want to be there; the birding is definitely at its most best in those conditions. Thanks for the updates on what’s been about, particularly jealous of your Dabchick; a great patch bird! Where did you see it from? Unfortunately I can’t make it down that way until after New Year, maybe as late as the beginning of February. In the meantime I’m going to do an account of my October patching in the next couple of weeks, plus maybe a review of the patching year. I do miss it a lot; does really well for somewhere so far inland. If you see anything else of interest, please let me know!

      Best wishes,


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