3 comments on “SHETLAND (27th-30th Sept 2012) – Day 1

  1. Excellent account of your first day on Shetland and great shots of the Little Bunting , looking forward to the rest of your trip report .
    cheers Rob

  2. Nice blog Joseph, bit of a babbler myself so enjoy the lengthy writing style, however unorthodox …. who cares……… you have a new follower! Often thought of taking off for Shetland some time – any tips on best time of year, inside knowledge of good spots?

    All the best and keep up with the posts!

    Tim@Timbobaggins Abroad

    • Thanks both of you. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog Tim and can sympathize with my lengthy writing style; see the blog as a bit of a platform for creative writing to be honest, and for reflection on birding experiences which I think a lot of birding blogs lack.

      Shetland is fantastic all year round, but if you want to see migration at its best then autumn is defintely the prime time to go; particularly late September/early Octboer I would say. From a self-finding perspective the North is more difficult to work and is less well watched, but places in that area such as Vidlin, Lower Voe, Brae, Busta House and Collafirth all have great potential for decent passerines. The South is far better watched, with Sumburgh Head, Quendale, Scatness, Pool of Virkie and Wester Quarff being the main sites, where decent birding is virtually guaranteed at that time of year. There’s also some other spots with prime gardens and habitat in that area such as Exnaboe, Eastshore, Boddam, Noss, Rerwick and Burn of Geosetter which are all equally fantastic but far less well watched. Then of course there is the islands; Whalsay, Unst, Fair Isle, Foula etc. Whalsay is a decent option in my eyes, sticks out far to the east, only 30 minutes ferry ride from mainland, and has plenty of prime habitat. Or even easier to access is Bressay, the island opposite Lerwick, which has had a mouth-watering list of rares in the past…

      Hope that helps, any other queries feel free to give me a bell,


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