2 comments on “Edging Forwards: Late Summer And Autumn On The Patch

  1. Hey Joseph
    Great post! My grandad is taking me North from Dundee to Aberdeenshire to a small village near Banff. On the way there/back I am hoping to stop off at the Ythan for a bit of birding. Although, I probably won’t have long there and Im wondering if you can suggest some spots or a good route that would provide a good number of birds for the small amount of time I have there?
    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi Glen,

    Cheers! Glad to hear you are getting some birding done in Aberdeenshire, especially at the Ythan, a place I’m going to miss as time goes on. The Ythan itself is obviously worth a look, you can view ithe estuary from the three car parks along the A975 to Cruden Bay, or equally just as you come in to Newburgh for the first time can check the Ythanmouth by turning off at the Ythan Hotel (white building, pretty conspicuous). This will all be clearer if you look on google or road maps. If you just plan to work the Ythan, then I’d reccommend stopping at all those spots, in any order you like; best at this time of year during low tide.

    If you have time to check other sites, there’s always Loch of Strathbeg near Fraserburgh – probably the best site in the region – or Blackdog for seaducks, although scoter numbers will be a lot smaller now than they are in the summer (just off the A90 main dual carriageway a couple of miles north of Aberdeen city).

    Have a good trip,


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