3 comments on “Cramond: My New Lothian Patch

  1. Thanks for the reports Joseph; certainly underwatched compared to Musselburgh on the east, but there have in the past been some committed individuals making daily visits and many interesting birds reported. As a minimum the waders are counted once per month under WeBS.

    BTW, on a different tack, did you happen to notice any Woodpigeon nests on the island? This is one omission*, along with Carrion Crow, which were both confirmed breeding there on our last local atlas. I’ve not made it over to check but worth having a look if you are back there in the near future before they start building new ones!

  2. Looks like Cramond will be a great patch. I’ve joined PWC for the first time this year and have chosen the local area around my village of East Linton as it is my dog walking route.
    Great blog.
    Best wishes

  3. @ Stephen: Cheers for the correspondence. As you say Musselburgh gets decent coverage: with Cramond it’s nice to patch a site which is very well established with a decent track record, without getting as much coverage as it perhaps used to? Thanks for alerting me re. Woodpigeon and Carrion Crow nests: I’m planning to go over again this week so I’ll see if I can clock any, and if so will try and get a count in. I imagine the majority of my Lothian records will come from Cramond, so I’ll continue to post counts on here before submitting them via excel.

    @ Matt: Glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read. Cramond will hopefully be excellent: looking forward to what late summer/early autumn will hold on the wader front particularly, and to see if decent conditions for skua passage in September will produce the goods. With Hound Point very close hopefully there’s a reasonable chance of the latter, especially from the island. Hope patching East Linton is productive for PWC; even though I’ve always patched, PWC definitely encourages me to work it even more, so with that extra motivation in mind I am sure East Linton will come up with the goods.

    Best wishes,


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