4 comments on “Greater Yellowlegs And Great Weather

  1. Excellent days birding , hope the Yellowlegs sticks around as Dan and Michael ( sussexbirders ) still need it , we are planning to come up for 4 days at the beginning of April .
    cheers Rob

  2. Great account Joseph, good to get a mega close to home. I’ve only ever seen a Greater Legs at Warbleswick in Suffolk, so could you send it to Kent when you;ve had your fill.
    It’s great to read about your local birds and compare with ours.
    Good birding, Martyn

  3. Thanks folks. Hopefully the Yellowlegs will stick around for you Rob, as it has done at the other sites its visited. If you need any help with some good local places to visit just give me a shout on the blog or via email at: pseudopseudo20@yahoo.com .

    Thanks Martyn, indeed good to get another mega locally. If it went down to Kent from here it would certainly be an extremely well travelled bird! I’m glad you’re enjoying reading my blog and comparing with the birds you have down in Kent, likewise to you.

    All the Best to you both,


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