5 comments on “A Great New Year’s Stint

    • Looks like there’s a second full adult drake bird in the area then, thank you for the pic Steve.

      The bird on the right hand end of the first pic is the 1st winter drake Ring-necked Duck that was present that day, but an odd angle that I will concede makes it look Tufty like in head shape because the peaked crown is not very well developed face on. One of only three birds detached from the main flock at the time the photos were taken. Ring on the neck is visible but diffuse. The lack of white subterminal bill band was worrying and white areas at the base, hence initial doubts when the bird was found over whether it was an RND x Tufty, but seems widely accepted that it’s gen.


      • Joseph, surely the bird in pic one is a Tufted Duck. It’s identical to the one next to it and shows everything you’d expect and none of the features of a RND, particularly in structure. The pale ‘neck ring’ is readily seen on Tufteds. Pics two and three look structurally poor for RND too. I can see why there is talk of a hybrid. Do you know of any decent photographs of this bird?

  1. Steve, the angle is really off-putting in the first pic and I agree that clinching features aren’t readily apparent, especially the lack of the subterminal. In the field it looked OK for RND, especially head wise; the second pic is much how it appeared it in the field. The flank panel and the bill structure (heavy) looked OK in the field as well from a horizontal angle, so in that respect it could be picked out from the Tufties.

    Definitely by no means an easy bird though, and with the white at the base and lack of subterminal band I can see why there’s been talk of a hybrid as well. I appreciate that you’ve raised your concerns about this bird and quite rightly I can see where you’re coming from. I will gladly re-evaluate if it is not accepted or consensus change. Definitely a weird bird and not a conventional 1st winter, which unfortunately I can’t find any more pictures of.

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